1XBet Overview

When you think of a big bookmaker that is famous worldwide and unites over 400,000 users from different countries, you probably think of 1XBet: the service is famous and profitable enough to be the main platform for bettors interested in sports games, casino games and other activities that can potentially be profitable and bring lots of fun. 1XBet Canada is a website that is dedicated to Canadian players interested in quality betting: you can find lots of opportunities to bet on interesting events and games there and you also have pretty nice odds there. It’s no surprise that the service is famous worldwide – it has many great features to offer.

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Bookmaker companies aren’t new: people love to bet for centuries because it allows them to combine their two favourite things – sports games and making money. Nowadays it’s not only sports that can make you rich: you can bet on various events, cybersports and many other things that are often presented on bookmaker platforms. In thing 1XBet review, you’ll learn more about some significant features of a famous bookmaker that can help you to make the right choice: whether you want to have fun or make real money – it’s crucial to find the right platform to do so!

1XBet: The main advantages and disadvantages of the service

1XBet Canada has lots of advantages that make the service appealing and profitable in many users’ eyes. Though it’s not easy for every player to reach the service because it’s censored in some countries, it’s completely legal in Canada – so you can relax and profit easily while betting there. Though the service is a bookmaker in the first place, it still can provide a lot of entertainment and fun: a high-quality gambling service can become a great source of relaxation and profit to its users. 1XBet has already gained its loyal audience and has thousands of active players worldwide because of these pros:

  • One of the most important features for every bookmaker is diversity: gamblers love betting on various sports events, casino games and other happenings that can help them to get money, so the more opportunities the casino provides – the best. Bettors need to know a lot of information about sports games and events to bet wisely, so great diversity of options makes the process more entertaining and potentially profitable. If you love watching experienced Poker players while gambling or like sports games, then the service is perfect for you: enjoy the casino to make money and check your luck because you can definitely find lots of impressive options to choose from;
  • Even when you’re a keen gambler who likes the process of gambling, it can become pretty boring to do all the same things again and again. That’s why casino owners often add lots of special bonuses and promotions to stimulate players’ interest in betting and make them more active because it can potentially be profitable. 1XBet offers various competitions and promotions regularly: it allows bettors to get benefits and spend their time with more fun than before. If you dream of great winnings and generous prizes, then it’s a great opportunity for you as well. It’s also easy to find a 1XBet promo code to improve your betting a lot: surf the internet regularly to find a new 1XBet promo code from time to time. But even without codes, new players can enjoy the welcome bonus that can give them up to $1,500 and 150 free spins and 0,18% cashback – that’s a generous deal;
  • The bookmaker has about 400,000 active users worldwide – so it’s no surprise that the service requires a huge customer support system. 1XBet is always ready to answer its clients’ questions and help them to solve some issues: every user should feel protected so specialists stay in touch with bettors 24\7. When users forget their passwords, misunderstand some rules or face some bugs or other issues, the casino can provide them with the necessary information and advice on what to do next. All the specialists of the service are user-friendly and competent enough to make their job just right;
  • 1XBet Canada offers a lot of impressive LIVE wagering options: it adds some novelty to gambling and makes the whole process even more entertaining. While some players prefer to make bets in advance, live wagering allows players to bet after the game starts – during the whole process! It can become a great chance to win money because you can actually see how the game goes and it can increase your chances to predict its results better;
  • 1XBet mobile is a great opportunity to stay tuned wherever you are! The service allows its clients to choose the most convenient way of mobile betting they like more: for instance, you can install a 1XBet app to have convenient access to all important features of the service or you can just visit the website of the casino via your mobile browser. While the first way is easier for players who value convenience and simplicity, the second way saves storage space and allows players to avoid any app installations. Choose what you like: a good 1XBet app can turn your betting into a new rind of entertainment because it can be done anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection;
  • 1XBet has lots of payment options that are fast and convenient for most Canadian players. When a user can’t find a convenient gambling option, then it’s often easier for them to leave the service – so 1XBet tries its best to provide convenient banking methods to the clients. You definitely can find something suitable there: the available options include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, online payments and even cryptocurrencies – so there’s clearly something to suit you well.

Though there are lots of impressive advantages of the platform, there are also some cons that can spoil your impression a bit. Most casinos know how to do everything right but it’s not always possible to improve because it requires a lot of time and money to do so. In this 1XBet review, you’ll see why some players don’t use the service as their main betting platform:

  • The bookmaker doesn’t have a special dedicated Racebook platform: though it’s a pretty subjective disadvantage, it can clearly disappoint some bettors;
  • The service is unavailable in countries like China, Russia, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey. Though this disadvantage doesn’t bother most Canadian gamblers, it can make some issues for people who travel a lot and want to be able to bet wherever they are. Also, the list of countries that censor the casino can make some players pretty suspicious and decrease their trust level a lot.

1XBet is a casino that is well-known all over the world and it definitely has more advantages than disadvantages: though it’s not perfect and has lots of feedback online, it’s still a solid option for those who want to bet on a huge and famous bookmaker website. It can be recommended: the service is famous and big enough to entertain and impress many bettors!